Curriculum Vitae


Personal Details

Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Weißbach                                         

Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main - University of Applied Sciences

Fachbereich Wirtschaft und Recht - Department of Economy and Law

Nibelungenplatz 1

60318 Frankfurt


Phone: +49.69.15332719,  Mobile +49.173.6990177,

Fax: +49.69.15332769,  Email



Academic Position

Professor and Director of Institute of Entrepreneurship of Fachhochschule Frankfurt (


Personal Profile

Academic Teacher (Sociology, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship), Researcher, Consultant, former Entrepreneur


Work Experience

Fachhochschule Frankfurt: teaching, research, training 1995 - ….

§         Innovation management and technology assessment

§         Entrepreneurship (

§         Knowledge Management (

§         Training of Change Managers ( and career consultants (

§         Innovation Award of Fachhochschule 1999 for Entrepreneurial Studies

§         International research and exchange projects (EU) with partners in Italy, UK, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, France

§         5th Frame Program

IUK Institut für sozialwissenschaftliche Technikforschung ( 1990-1996

§         Co-Founder, CEO, Research Manager

§         1994 DFG Research stage on early Internet applications in USA

(Technical) University of Dortmund 1988-1992

§         Assistant Teacher (Business Administration and Sociology)

§         Sociological Research

AIQ e.V. Dortmund 1986-1988

§         Co-Founder, Director

§         Sociological Research

Consultant for Start-Ups, Industry, and Public Administration Dortmund 1984-1986

Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund 1980-1984

§         Industrial Research

§         International projects on vocational training in Ireland etc. (EU)

§         Consultancy in German clothing industry

Free University Berlin 1975-1980

§         Assistent Teacher (Teaching, DFG Research)



§         University of Dortmund: Doctor thesis in Sociology 1988: „New Technologies in Distribution Services“, “magna cum laude”

§         Free University Berlin: Diploma in Sociology, Studies in Psychology and Economy Diploma thesis 1975: „Development of Labour Market Research in Germany“, “sehr gut”

§         Grant of German Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes

§         Gerhard-Rohlfs-Gymnasium Bremen: Abitur 1968