20 May 2011, Budapest, Hungary

Corvinus University of Budapest - CUB


Address: H-1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 8. Hungary

Room 2001


Youth, freedom, entrepreneurship

 teaching entrepreneurship and education in Europe


            The 5th ERENET ANNUAL MEETING was held on 20 May 2010 at the Rector's Ceremonial Hall of the Corvinus University of Budapest. 55 participants - members of the ERENET, invited PhD Students from CEE, the President of the European Small Business Alliance - ESBA - and the Chief Counsellor of the Hungarian Ministry of Economi Development attended the Meeting.


            The OPENING Ceremony was opened by Dr. Antal Szabó, Scientific Director of ERENET. He express the apologies from Dr. Tamás Mészáros, Rector of the Corvinus University of Budapest, not being able to address the audience due to his unexpected invitation from the Hungarian Governmental authorities to discuss the current high-education reform plan.

The audience was welcomed by Dr. László Kállay, the newly appointed Director of the Small Business Development Centre, - SBDC - of the CUB, Tina Sommer, President of the European Small Business Alliance, and Dieter Ibielski, Presidential Counselor of the Union of Small and Medium-sized Companies - UMU -, Sr. Vice-President of ESBA and Honorable Member of the ERENET.


            Following the Opening Ceremony, the Meeting continued with the Inauguration of Professor Liviu Marian, PhD, Rector of the Petru Maior University, Târgu Mureş (Romania), as new ERENET Honorable Members. The laudation of Professor Liviu Marian was delivered by Dr. Zsuzsanna Szabó, Dean of the Economic and Administration Faculty of the Petru Maior University. The Honorary Certificate was forwarded by Dr. László Kállay, Director of CUB SBDC.  In the absence of Liviu Marian, Dr. Zsuzsanna Szabó expressed Marian's thanks for this honor.



            Péter Pogácsás, Senior Chief Counselor, SME Development Directorate at the Ministry of National Economy made a presentation on the aim of the current economic policy including the SME sector. This policy is based on two main pillars: the new Széchenyi Plan and the Széll Kálmán Plan.


            Tina Sommer, President of the European Small Business Alliance, highlighted the ESBA lobbying activity to reshape Europe SME support activities in the line of the EU New 2020 Strategy.


            Dr. Magdolna Csath, Professor at the Economics and Management Department of  the Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences, made a presentation on Innovation, SMEs, Entrepreneurship, as key factor for economic growth and competitiveness.


            The Report on the activities of the ERENET Network in 2010  was presented by Dr. Antal Szabó, Scientific Director of ERENET. Co-referent  was made by Dr. Eric Dejan, Director of the Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade, on behalf of the ERENET SEE Secretariat. As part of the overview of the activities, the ERENERT Secretary presented a special publication "4E - Enterprise in Eastern European Economy" which collects main papers on entrepreneurial education, family businesses, young entrepreneurship and the impact of the global economic crises on the SME sector in selected CEE countries. The presented papers and research works are from the No. 11 - 26 issues of the ERENET PROFILE from August 2008 and march 2011. The organizers thank the Knowledge Economy project TÁMOP for providing financial support for realization of this volume.


            Dr. Renata Vokorokosová, Assistant Professor, Technical University of Kosice - TUK -, summarized the achievement of the V4 project run under the supervision of TUK, while Dr. Zsuzsanna Szabó, Dean of the Economic and Administration Faculty of the Petru Maior University, presented the output of the EDUARO project. Both projects were supported by ERENET and the participating institutions strengthened their cooperation due to these initiatives.


            Following the Coffee Break the Annual Meeting turned into a Scientific Workshop with three sessions. The first one focused on good practices on university entrepreneurial education in Central-Europe, the second one provided a form for PhD Students from CEE presenting their research ideas and infant doctoral thesises, while the third one discussed and exchanges ideas concerning university technology transfer project between CEE universities.


SESSION I:    University Entrepreneurial Education in Europe

                                    Chaired by László Kállay


During this Session the following presentations were made:


  • Entrepreneurial Education in Croatia with focus on the program of  the Strossmayer University

                                    Dr. Sanja Pfeifer, Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics at the J.J. Strossmayer University in Osijek

  • Entrepreneurial Education in Germany

                                    Dr. Hans-Jürgen Weißbach, Director of Institute of Entrepreneurship at the Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main, University of Applied Sciences and Dr. Martina Voigt, University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main

  • Entrepreneurial Education in Hungary

                                    Dr. Szilveszter Farkas, Faculty of Economics at the Széchenyi István University in Győr

                                    Unfortunately, due to unexpected event Dr. Farkas could not attend the Session. In his absence Attila Petheo, Assistant professor from CUB SBDC delivered his thought on entrepreneurial education comparing the domestic achievement with his recent observation in USA.

  • University Entrepreneurial Education in Poland: the Case of the Cracow University of Economics

                                    Dr. Aleksander Surdej, Professor, Faculty of Economics and International Relations, Cracow University of Economics

  • Entrepreneurial Education in Romania

                                    Dr. Gabriela Cecilia Stanciulescu, Associate Professor at the Faculty of  Commerce of the Academy of Economic Studies,

                                    former Fulbright Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Chair of Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies

  • Entrepreneurial Education in Serbia

                                    Dr. Svetislav Paunovic, Professor, Faculty for Banking, Insurance and Finance, Belgrade Banking Academy


SESSION II: Presentation of PhD Students on Development of doctoral thesises and about their participation in researches

                                    Chaired by Sanja Pfeifer


Within the framework of this Session the following PhD Students presented their portraits and research orientation:


  • Marina Jeger

                   PhD Student, Doctoral Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Teaching and research assistant at Faculty of Economics of the J.J. Strossmayer University in Osijek (Croatia)

  • Isidora Beraha

                  Junior Researcher, Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade, PhD Student at the Faculty of Organization Sciences of the University of Belgrade (Serbia)

  • Sonja Duricin

                  Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade, PhD Student at the Faculty of Organization Sciences of the University of Belgrade (Serbia)

  • Natália Vašková

                  PhD Student, Department of Finance, Economic Faculty of Technical University in Košice (Slovakia)

  • László Borbás

                  Associated Professor, Károly Keleti Faculty of Economics, Óbuda University

  • Katalin Kovács

                        Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Management and Corporate Economics (Hungary)

ˇ        Katalin Mihalkovné Szakács

                        PhD Student at the Small Business Development Center of the Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary)



  • Krisztina Tomcsányi, MA degree from Corvinus University of  Budapest, PhD Student at the Strategy and Project Management of the Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary)

ˇ        Ágnes Kiss

                  PhD Student at the Corvinus University of Budapest, Director of the Hungarian  Live Wire Foundation (Hungary)

ˇ       Elisabeth Molnar

                  Remtours Manager, PhD Student (Romania)



SESSION III: Consultation on university technology transfer projects with participation of Croatian, German, Polish, Romanian, Serbian and Slovak universities

                                    Chaired by László Kállay


            This session took place simultaneously with Session II at the Cabinet of the Director of the Small Business Development Centre



Following the scientific sessions the Meeting continued discussing the future activities of the ERENET Network. This agenda was chaired by Antal Szabó and Eric Dejan. The participants agreed  the ERENET Work Program for 2011-2012.


The ERENET 5th Annual Meeting was closed by Antal Szabó and Eric Dejan.













Audience at the CUB Rector Ceremony Hall

From left Tina Sommer, Péter Pogácsás, László Kállay and Antal Szabó









László Kállay forward the Honorary Certificate of Prof. Dr. Liviu Marian to Zsuzsanna Szabó

From left Zoltán Román, Péter Szirmai and Ágnes Kiss





Renata Vokorokosková makes presentation on the V4 project

Zsuzsanna Szabó summarizes the EDARO project. Gabriela Stancilescu and Elisabeth Molnar right, Gábor Schulz and Erika Garaj left









Prof. Magdolna Csath with Erika Garaj and Prof. Hans-Jürgen Weissbach

Dr. Alekdander Surdej and Prof. Janusz Garaba

Sanja Pfeifer present the Croatian best practice




Presentation by PhD Students

Eric Dejan, Head of the ERENET Headquarters for SEE